The Great Road Trip!

Hey! Due to the fact that I’ve been on vacation for the past week or so, I haven’t really been able to post since every night we would get to our hotel at 10:30 or later. So, since I’m back, I figured, why not just do one big post that goes through all eight days? Now you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the bone-chilling tale of the trip! Pictures will be in a separate post, as they take up too much room on this one.


Day 1: Brooklyn, NY

Our first stop was in Brooklyn, and we were mainly there because we wanted to visit a friend there who we haven’t seen in many years. After a nice reunion, we were given the official tour of Brooklyn, shops and all. I don’t have any pictures (mainly because said friend’s 3 year old son was also showing me lots of things), but we did have a nice dinner at Istanbul, a small restaurant that served up big Middle Eastern cuisine. We spent the night at Hotel BPM (Beats Per Minute), named for the many DJs that perform there.

Day 2: Gettysburg, PA

Before we got on the road to Gettysburg, we took a look at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I never knew that bonsai trees were placed into categories like cascade, informal upright, and twin trunk! We arrived at Gettysburg a little bit before our ghost tour, so we went to see a couple memorials dedicated to the Battle of Gettysburg (if you didn’t read the intro, pictures will be in a separate post). On our ghost tour, we learned about many spooky happenings around town, including the story of the one-armed man dressed as a Confederate soldier who mysteriously disappeared when talked to. Dinner that night was at Appalachian Brewing Company. Next stop, Virginia!

Day 3: Charlottesville, VA

I was really excited about today, mainly because we were going to visit Monticello, famous “vacation home” of Thomas Jefferson! I went on two tours, one inside the house, and one around the grounds. An interesting item of his was his 6-book holder. If he needed to know something, he referred to his book holder, kind of like an 18th-century Google. On the tour around the grounds outside of the building, we learned about Thomas’s slave, Jupiter. Apparently, Jupiter had been Thomas’s friend as a child, but for some reason became a slave. But Thomas still wept at the news of his passing. Afterwards, we ate dinner in Charlottesville’s famous outdoor mall, at Sal’s Caffe Italia. Tomorrow, it’s back to Pennsylvania…

Day 4: Pittsburgh, PA

The only thing to visit today was Fallingwater, one of the houses designed by the great architect Frank Lloyd Wright! It was a very interesting tour. Wright designed the house so that you couldn’t see the falls too well, but you could HEAR them. The sound of the rushing water made me want to stay there forever. Other than that, it was a pretty uneventful day. We went straight to a sushi dinner at Rice Inn, and then straight to our hotel. But we’ll have all day to explore Pittsburgh tomorrow!

Day 5: Pittsburgh, PA

Today was a fun day! We decided to check out some of Pittsburgh’s attractions today. The first stop was the Pittsburgh Botanical Gardens. There were many big, lush rooms, each with a different theme. Just when it couldn’t get any better, we got to take a look at a glass sculpture exhibit taking place in various rooms. I never knew plants could make such good sculpture subjects! Stop number two was the National Aviary, home to all kinds of exotic birds. I also got to see two free-flying bird shows, each focusing on a different survival skill. There were birds flying above me and on all sides! The next attraction was the Mattress Factory, a huge art museum dedicated to room installations. My favorite was the pitch-black room, where I couldn’t tell the difference between having my eyes open and having them closed! After an awesome dinner at James Street Gastropub & Speakeasy, there was still one more stop for the day. It was the funicular, which is a tram on tracks that brings you up a hill or mountain. The view was amazing! Tomorrow, it’s off to Ohio…

Day 6: Cleveland, OH

Before we set sail for Ohio, we decided to take a look at the Andy Warhol museum. It was a time-traveling experience that covered his entire life. I never knew he had his own TV show! On the way to Cleveland, we stopped in Amish country and bought some cheese from a Swiss cheese factory. Then we got lost in Amish country! But we found our way out, and reached our destination, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The museum covered absolutely everything about rock history, and even a few artifacts, including Michael Jackson’s golden glove! There was also a temporary installation all about the Rolling Stones, but we didn’t have time to visit that. Dinner was a VERY big grilled cheese at The Melt, known for their signature grilled cheeses. Tomorrow we head back to New York!

Day 7: Rochester, NY

Before we hit Rochester, we decided to check out Niagara Falls to see the New York side of the falls. I was covered with mist the entire way! the mist also obscured the sun, giving it the appearance of a ghostly orb. After a nice drive to Rochester, we had a very filling dinner at Sticky Lips Barbeque. Tomorrow will have lots of historical facts!

Day 8: North Adams, MA

In the morning we decided to visit the Susan B. Anthony house. We only had time to visit her sister’s house, but it was still cool to be standing in a piece of history! We also visited Susan’s grave, and Frederick Douglass’. They loved to have tea together, and there was a statue honoring that. The last stop before North Adams was the Visitor Center in Seneca Falls. It discussed a lot of opinions about males versus females in jobs, children’s toys, and pop culture. I don’t believe in male or female superiority. I think it should be equal! Finally, after reaching North Adams and having dinner at The Hub, I was ready to hit the sack, for tomorrow, we headed home.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing my vacation experiences! What was your favorite vacation you’ve ever been on? Leave a comment!


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  • Wow!!! Zane what a great commentary describing your vacation I felt like I was there with you. Lots of very interesting places you visited. –keep up the great blog
    and superb writing I love reading your thoughts!!!

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