Black History fun facts: February 23rd, 2015

Here’s 5 more facts to satisfy your appetite.

1: The 1739 Stono Rebellion in South Carolina was the largest slave revolt in colonial America – some of the people involved in the rebellion were originally soldiers in Africa.

2: Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a real place – It’s the home of Josiah Henson, who was an inspiration for the novel. The cabin is located in North Bethesda, Maryland, and has been added to the National Register of Historic Places.

3: Satchel Paige is the oldest rookie to ever play Major League Baseball. He was 42 when he started, and played until he was 47.

4: Barack Obama is a Grammy award winner. He won Best Spoken Word Album in 2008 for his two audiobooks.

5: After he retired from baseball, Jackie Robinson helped to establish the Freedom Bank.

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